Félicien Goguey, Masquerade, 2015-2019, Exhibition view "Schweizer Medienkunst: knowbotiq, Alan Bogana, Félicien Goguey - Pax Art Awards 2019", HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), 2020. Photo: Gina Folly

Instagram Artist Talk: Alan Bogana und Félicien Goguey

The artists of the current exhibition in conversation with the curator Boris Magrini.

event/Online Artist Talk

08.07.2020, 16:00-16:30

Venue: Instagram (@hek_basel)

Duration: 30 Min.
Language: English

Alan Bogana, Photo by Rewa Bush

On Wednesday July 8th 2020, an online artist talk will take place between the curator of the exhibition Boris Magrini and the artists Alan Bogana and Félicien Goguey.

In his poetic and conceptual play with light, Alan Bogana questions our perception. The versatility of light as a natural phenomenon is the leitmotif in his works, and the exhibition presents a spectrum of works including laser light, holograms and virtual reality.

Félicien Goguey takes a critical look at mobile phone networks and surveillance systems and examines the impact of ubiquitous mobile telecommunications on our lives, pointing out ways of protesting and protecting privacy.

The artist talk is an opportunity to gain insights into the works displayed in the current exhibition and allows the occasion to meet Alan Bogana and Félicien Goguey, two emerging artists that have and will be been shaping the media art scene in Switzerland for many years.

The live stream starts at 16:00 on the Instagram Account of HeK (@hek_basel). We encourage you to seize the opportunity and pose your questions for the artists or the curator through the chat.

The artist talk will be held in English.

Instagram Artist Talk: Alan Bogana und Félicien Goguey