Noise Gate: Kyoka (JP), Ueno Masaaki (JP), Daniel Steiner (CH)

Composer and musician Kyoka (JP) brings her rough and chaotic sound to HeK. Unpredictability and indeterminacy equally characterizes the compositions by Ueno Masaaki (JP). Both artists are represented by raster-noton. Opening act by Daniel Steiner (CH).


Thu, 11.05.2017, 20:00

Age: From age 18 upwards

Admission: 20 / 15 CHF (reduced)

Links: http://www.raster-noton.net/artists/kyoka

Tickets: Box office only


With Noise Gate, HeK opens a new format of concerts exploring current trends in the field of experimental techno, rhythmic noise and glitch. Opening act by Daniel Steiner (CH), followed by Ueno Masaaki (JP) and Kyoka (JP).

Working in Berlin and Tokyo, Kyoka is as a musician and composer whose musical approach is notoriously characterized by chaotic compositions, broken beat and heavy-rough sound. In 2008, her first mini-album ufunfunfufu was released on the Berlin-based onpa))))) label, followed by 2ufunfunfufu and 3ufunfunfufu. In 2012, she released her first 12" EP iSH on Raster-Noton, followed in 2014 by the full-length album <is (is superpowered)>.

In his compositions, Ueno Masaaki brings together regular structures with elements of unpredictability to create new patterns. His work is inspired by observation of natural phenomenon and physical processes. In 2014, he released his EP vortices on Raster-Noton.

Daniel Steiner is a producer, composer and electronic musician from Basel. He performs since 2014 as STEINER, the name of his solo project defined by the use of distorted delay chains, abstract beats and noise signals.

Kyoka, re-pulsion

Ueno Masaaki, vortex state

Noise Gate: Kyoka (JP), Ueno Masaaki (JP), Daniel Steiner (CH)

Tickets: Box office only



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