Veronika Ehrensperger & Ludwig Berger - Photo Tina Ruisinger

Noise Gate: Kali Malone & Rainer Kohlberger, Ludwig Berger & Veronika Ehrensperger

American composer Kali Malone performing with Austrian visual artist Rainer Kohlberger, and Swiss duo Veronika Ehrensperger & Ludwig Berger plunge the autumn Noise Gate season into minimal composition and the subtle interaction between analogue sound and digital synthesis.


Thu, 10.10.2019, 20:00

Venue: HeK UG

Admission: 20 / 10.- (red)

Kali Malone - photo Victoria Loeb

Doors: 20h
Concert: 20.15h

Headquartered in Stockholm, Kali Malone is an American composer and musician who creates dark, minimal compositions that utilize unique tunings and psycho-acoustic phenomena. A recent string of albums explore the interplay within electroacoustic instrumentation: woodwinds with Buchla 200 synthesiser, strings quartets with sine waves, and – most notably – the pipe organ close mic’d and spatialized. Using synthetic and acoustic instrumentation in repetitive and extended durations, Malone’s rich harmonic textures emit a distinct emotive hue serving to generate a captivating and uncanny depth of focus. Malone’s work has been presented at Berlin Atonal, Moogfest, Cafe Oto, and The Swedish Radio. She has been long term collaborator with Italian composer Caterina Barbieri under the moniker Upper Glossa, with Swedish composer and organist Ellen Arkbro, and is also in the noise project Sorrowing Christ. In addition to her music practice, Malone co-operates the record label and concert series XKatedral.

The duo Veronika Ehrensperger (prepared harp) and Ludwig Berger (microphone and equalizer) work on a microscopic scale. With subtle gestures they explore the interactions between paper, strings, plastic, hands and microphones. As active listeners, they delve into an assemblage of sounds in which they become involved. Complex microstructures, flat landscapes, harmonic drones and splattering sound cascades emerge and are transmitted directly into the headphones of the listeners. Their debut album "The Capacity of Things to Act" is released on the label Dinzu Artefacts in Los Angeles.

hallowground.bandcamp.com/album/kali-malone-cast-of-mind xkatedral.bandcamp.com/album/kali-malone-velocity-of-sleep

dinzuartefacts.bandcamp.com/album/the-capacity-of-things-to-act soundcloud.com/ludwigberger/sets/capacity

Noise Gate: Kali Malone & Rainer Kohlberger, Ludwig Berger & Veronika Ehrensperger