Alessandro Cortini

Noise Gate: Alessandro Cortini (IT/US), Thomas Grenzebach (CH)

Internationally renown for his masterful and experimental use of synthesizers, Alessandro Cortini presents his newest release AVANTI.


Thu, 02.11.2017, 20:00

Age: From age 18 upwards

Admission: 20 / 15 CHF (reduced)

Links: http://bit.ly/2ffqegp

Tickets: Advance booking and box office

Thomas Grenzebach

Alessandro Cortini's love of the Buchla Music Easel is just one of the megaphones to his ever-expanding yet distinctive voice. The Italian musician is widely known for touring and recording with Nine Inch Nails and How To Destroy Angels, as well as a founding member of Modwheelmood and his solo projects SONOIO and Blindoldfreak. Since 2013 he composes and performs under his own name and has released the Forse series, a trilogy of double LPs released by Important Records. Alessandro's ongoing Sonno series on Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions label is a gorgeously "restrained yet oddly emotive" call-and-response with the Roland MC 202. Following in 2015 with Risveglio, Cortini further develops the minimal on-tour recording series in a second album, adding the synthesizer TB 303 as second instrument. His latest album AVANTI, embraces the visual panorama of his family's vintage Super 8 films, creating a meditatively cohesive and personably triumphant encounter of a living memory through sound.

After contributing to various bands and projects through the years, Thomas Grenzebach started releasing solo-material at the beginning of 2017. Aleph EP and its follow up Twin EP deal with mass hysteria and the deindividuation in our society. This resulted in two EPs that range from intricately composed minimalistic ambient noise to heavily distorted drone.

With Noise Gate, HeK opens a new format of concerts exploring current trends in electronic music by presenting leading musicians who are redefining the present-day musical landscape and engaging in experimental research. The title’s series refers to the device commonly used to control the amount of volume of an audio signal and thus filter unwanted noise. More figuratively, it stands for a gateway opening to unconventional musical forms. Taking place once every two months, the concerts are arranged around thematic genres such as experimental techno, field recording, live coding and glitch.

Noise Gate: Alessandro Cortini (IT/US), Thomas Grenzebach (CH)

Tickets: Advance booking and box office




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