Yves Tumor by Zach Anderson

Noise Gate: 1.1 x HeK

1.1 and HeK have teamed up to curate an evening with exceptional experimental live acts and DJs. Line-up include N-Prolenta, Bonaventure, missbeurette and Mukuna.


Fri, 13.04.2018, 20:00

Admission: 15 / 10 CHF (concessions)

Tickets: Advance sale and box office

For this special Noise Gate edition, 1.1 and HeK have teamed up to curate an evening with exceptional experimental live acts and genre-defying DJs. The main live acts, Yves Tumor, N-Prolenta and Bonaventure, comfortably navigate their work through different contexts, such as the nightclub, or art institutions. They work through reflections and confrontations with their surroundings, be it contextually or through precisely picked samples, and thereby take on a political undertone. Just as impossible as it is to pin their music to one specific genre, their nomadic lifestyle corresponds to an international network of a subculture in electronic music and is redundant to tie to one location. We’re happy to compliment these concerts with two promising DJs essential to the Swiss nightlife, whose styles range from French rap, Afrobeats to ambient music and House.

Live Acts:

Yves Tumor is the inspired and impenetrable persona of artist Sean Bowie, a conduit for a distinctly bold aesthetic. He edges, shifts, and ultimately detonates the boundaries of electronica, soul, industrial, rap and rock music into an undaunted, liberated wilderness of intrepid pop. Through the use of field recordings, Yves Tumor creates an abstract and richly textured soundscape, which he adorns with riffs that remind us of Soul and R'n'B and with eery vocals that manifest an elusive spirituality. In his live performances, he contrasts this dreamy sound with a charged, energetic delivery that is at once thrilling and jarring. The outcome is memorable and signature in its unquantifiable movements: the New Punk aesthete creates a brave narrative transcendent beyond mere redefinitions and embodiments of culture, one that is ablaze into a trajectory of its own radically intimate expression, for all to discover.

Music is just one of the media employed in N-Prolenta's multidisciplinary practice. The experimental, sometimes abrasive sound is created between carefully timed and precarious, spontaneous compositions, provoking a hypnotic suspension as if it could decompose within a blink of an eye. This element situates the electronic music in midst of N-Prolenta's performative practice. For the artist's recent participation in the group show New Black Portraiture co-presented by Rhizome and the New Museum, N-Prolenta has produced the process-driven yet to be released mixtape Banana Island: Hublots. It addresses precarity of the Black body in our current financial system, which is reflected in the musical output through "mistakes", spontaneous recordings within a restricted timeframe and automated form of production. This Live Set will be one of just very few gigs in Europe this Spring/ Summer.

Bonaventure (PTP/ NON) uses her music as an outlet for various personal and sociopolitical confrontations, and as an instrument to explore her own roots. The results are energetic tracks that assume a certain nature of mantras through the repetition of elements, in which texts and samples ranging from Sister Souljah to Missy Elliott and Ginuwine are embedded in the exploration of her own identity and as a defence against a systematic anti-black hegemony. It is this very supremacy that has, among many other atrocities, allowed the tragic death of her nephew, who her project is named after. A couple years ago she began an on-going collaboration with writer and artist Hannah Black and the set and textile designer Ebba Frasén Waldhör, with whom she’s performed notably at the ICA in London, MoMa PS1 in New York and will perform at the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva in the end of March.


As a part of FREE FEELS, missbeurette has left a mark on the Lausanne nightlife and their collective engagement in changing the dynamics of the night club to offer a safe inclusivity in non-commercial contexts. These values reflect through her eclectic DJ sets, in which she smoothely movees through genres such as French rap, Raggaeton, Raï and Afrobeat.

Mukuna (Eylsia) is an integral part of the Basel DJ scene. He was a member of former collective La Main who are responsible for a number of epic events and who have recently formed the new outfit Somatic Rituals in a slightly different constellation. His sets situate themselves in a mix of new and old productions in afro-influenced Percussion, Chicago House, Detroit Techno and ambient music, and have never failed to create a collective good mood feeling on the dance floor.

Note: The exhibition "Future Love" is open until 8 pm on this day.

About 1.1

1.1 is a non-commercial platform for a young practice in arts and music with an exhibition space in Basel. It was founded in 2015, and is currently co-directed by Deborah Joyce Holman and Tuula Rasmussen. It defines itself through an output of various formats, rather than a overly formulated concept and is interested in creating a diverse and thus contemporary narrative.



Noise Gate: 1.1 x HeK

Tickets: Advance sale and box office



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