Ceylan Öztrük, Document3 (Transmission Tower), 2021

Net Encounters – Ceylan Öztrük, Document3 (Transmission Tower)

For the series Net Encounters artist Ceylan Öztrük has developed a work that invites everyone to contribute to a Google Drive Document collaboratively written by the audience and the artist. The audience is encouraged to either simply follow the development of the text online or edit it and add new paragraphs to the story.

event/Net Encounters, Online

01.06.2021 30.06.2021


To access the online document, visit the artist's website here.

Ceylan Öztrük. Photo: Sabina Bösch

If writing is often an intimate and personal journey, in Document3 (Transmission Tower) Ceylan Öztrük has decided to share this process with the public in order to foster a creative encounter and exchange. Her work is an experiment focusing on the new opportunities and possibilities that this exchange can bring. The writing added by the viewers turns the work in progress text into a performative action, and Google Drive becomes a stage in which the performance takes place and can be experienced in its evolution, rather than a finished work. By inviting the viewers to participate in the document, she relinquishes part of her control over the work's development, leaving the outcome unknown. In the end, Öztrük will integrate all the contributions received, as well as her own additions and editing, into a final text in which all the collaborators will be credited. To join in this participative action and access the online document, visit the artist's website: ceylanoztruk.com


Ceylan Öztrük is an artist who lives and works in Zurich. She investigates accepted forms of knowledge and how they have been constructed to become instruments of power structures. Öztrük aims to break the common flow of information with a multidisciplinary approach, proposing to set up new channels in parallel to the existing ones, sometimes replacing them. Ceylan Öztrük completed her practice-based PhD (2016) in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Istanbul) previously initiated in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2014. She received her graduate and undergraduate degrees from the Fine Arts Faculty at Anadolu University. Some of her exhibitions and performances include:  Orientalien, Gessnerallee Theatre, Zürich (2020); Am a Mollusk, too; re/producing tangents, Longtang, Zürich (2020), IV. Berliner Herbstsalon, Berlin (2019); Oriental Demo, My Wild Flag Festival, Stockholm (2019), Building Poems, 1.1, Basel (2018); Speculative Domestics: Ai (Artificial Intimacy) Showroom, Alienze, Lausanne (2019); Call me Venus, Mars, Istanbul (2016).

Net Encounters – Ceylan Öztrük, Document3 (Transmission Tower)