Dirk Koy, Salvage, 2018

Museums Night: Sound Clash

During the Museums Night, a fascinating sound exhibition, a dreamy theremin concert, gigantic clinking rocking chairs and a live sound workshop await the visitors.


18.01.2019, 18:00-02:00

Admission: Museums Night ticket (available at HeK)

The Museums Night will take place in Basel once more. Until late at night, visitors are able to experience a varied programme in 36 different cultural institutions.

At HeK, all events revolve around the theme of sound. Visitors are invited to discover the current exhibition Regionale 19: Sound Embodied during public guided tours. In the basement, a thereminist enchants the audience with synthetic melodies. On the platform in front of HeK, three rocking chairs start clinking with the help of the participation of visitors. For the practical ones amongst you, there is a workshop during which you can learn how to create complex rhythms with simple computer programmes.

Museums Night: Sound Clash



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