Workshop presentation, BitFabrik 2019, photo: Ivana Kresic

More than words: ASCII Art - Family Day

Before we had emojis for our digital body language, there was ASCII art - the art of creating pictures with letters. A short journey back to the beginnings of media culture with a workshop and exhibition visit.

education/guided tour, workshop

18.10.2020, 14:00-17:00

Venue: HeK

Admission: Admission to the exhibition


Feelings are varied and nuanced. We use facial expressions and gestures to show what we feel and can so say more than with just words. This is also the strength of emojis, which we often use in our everyday digital communication.
But did you know that the great-grandparents of emojis were not pictures but letters? They were called emoticons and belong to ASCII Art - that is the art of creating pictures with letters.
In the workshop we discover the old world of ASCII Art: we watch a StarWars movie in letters, browse the ASCII Art Museum and run our webcam in letter mode.
With the ASCII card set you can create your own ASCII art and turn it into a button to wear, or use it for a fancy email signature.
In a short visit to the exhibition we explore how computers deal with our facial expressions: how can they recognize how we feel?
The family day is divided into two groups:
Group 0: 14:00-15:30
Group 1: 15:30-17:00
Please consider when registering!
The offer is designed for families with children from 7 years of age, but of course younger siblings are also welcome.
It is possible to make individual breaks, the bistro is open. On the covered platform and the Freilager square you can let off steam or have a picnic (car-free area).

More than words: ASCII Art - Family Day