Hannes Rickli, Horizont, 2000, Photo: Kunst und Bau Stadt Zürich

Media-based. Digital. Real. Preserving Media Arts - but How?

At the KIK//CCI autumn conference, experts will discuss the conservation of media artworks and examine the topic in greater depth by presenting current examples.


08.11.2018, 13:00-18:00

Admission: KIK//CCI members: free / curators: 60.- CHF / other participants: 240.- CHF

Registration: until November 1st to ruth.littman@kik-cci.ch

Links: https://www.kik-cci.ch

Beat Brogle, onewordmovie, 2003, screenshot

This autumn’s conference of KIK//CCI (Verein der Kurator_innen von institutionellen Kunstsammlungen der Schweiz) takes place at HeK. The four renowned experts Claudia Röck, Agathe Jarczyk, Kamilla Ødegård and Sabine Himmelsbach will talk about the purchase and conservation of media art and answer questions from the participants. Using specific examples from the collection of HeK and the art collection of the city of Zurich, the topic will be discussed.

The event will be held in German.

Media-based. Digital. Real. Preserving Media Arts - but How?



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Thu, 30.11.2017, 12:00


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