Robbie Barrat, Neural Network Generation, 2018

Making FASHION Sense

The exhibition Making FASHION Sense deals with the fundamental transformation of the fashion industry through technology, ranging from new creative processes to experimentations exploring sustainability: fashion that makes sense.


16.01.2020 - 08.03.2020

Admission: 9 / 6 (reduced)

Yuima Nakazato, Harmonize Collection, 2018, Foto: Shoji Fujii

Making FASHION Sense deals with the radical transformation of fashion through technology. Robotic arms and mixed reality, holograms and drones have been appearing on international catwalks for some time. Hyperfunctional materials that monitor our biometric data are already part of everyday life, especially in the field of sports. The exhibition explores technology as a transformative instrument both for artists and designers as well as for the people wearing clothes. Clothing can encourage, cheer up, comfort, or cause physical discomfort. It can reinforce uniformed monotony or stimulate artistic imagination. On show will be artists and designers who develop experimental "augmented fashion"- objects that inspire a new perception of our environment, human interaction, and thought.

How do programmable garments express our bodies? Does fashion technology not only change our movements, our well-being and our perception of our fellow human beings, but also our creative perspectives? Can fashion technology protect us in a dystopic future or does it distort our perception of the world? The exhibition showcases not only the transformation of fashion silhouettes design through technology, it also explores new sustainable and ethical production systems being developped, creating more meaningful fashion semantics.

Artists and designers: Alfatih, Salome Asega, Robbie Barrat, BioBabes, Hussein Chalayan, Carole Collet, Clara Daguin, Charleen Elberskirch, Clara Escalera, Ying Gao, Christope Guberan, Adam Harvey, Jun Kamei, Kazuya Kawasaki, Flora Miranda, Yuima Nakazato, Freya Probst, Ling Tan, TheKnitGeekResearch, Giulia Tomasello, Iris van Herpen. 

Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach and Katharina Sand

Public guided tours: Every Sunday at 15:00 in German

Opening: 15.01.2020 from 18:00


The exhibition and the surrounding programme are supported by: