Lunch Beat

Lunch Beat comes to Basel. Dancing at lunchtime - Your most important business lunch.


01.06.2017, 12:00-13:00

Venue: UG

Age: From age 18

Admission: Free admission

Your most important business lunch.

For a last Lunch Beat before the summer break, Janiv Oron will bring his unique and ever evolving, quintessentially cosmic sound to HeK. Member of the Goldfinger Brothers, performer, composer of electronic music, and active in different formations, he received a master’s degree in Contemporary Arts Practice, Music and Media Art at Hochschule der Künste in Bern (Bern University of Arts). He fosters an independent artistic outlook set within a framework of collective and interdisciplinary working relationships. These experiments result in creations of electronic music. Focussing on the development of timbre and texture, Oron creates exquisite drones, that give an insight in his improvisatory sensibility and dig deep into the potentials of modular synthesis. For a good twenty years now, at home and abroad, at DJ battles, club nights, open-airs and parades, as well as catching him over the airwaves. Whizz-kid in a word, he launched several successful party series and have his own show on Radio SRF Virus to boot. In more recent times he also made a name for himself as an electronic music composer for theater music. Indefatigably, he hunts down the listening experience of acoustic music.

About Lunch Beat

What began in Stockholm in 2010, has spread all over the world - dancing in the lunch break. It's about exuberance, fun and communication in a different way than at the lunch table. An hour a day to devote to dancing, the movement and the music brings soul and spirit in vibration.


1st rule: If it’s your first lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
2nd rule: If it’s your second, third or fourth time lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
3rd rule: If you are getting too tired to actually dance at Lunch Beat, please have your lunch at some other place.
4th rule: You don’t talk about your job at Lunch Beat.
5th rule: At Lunch Beat everyone present is your dance partner.
6th rule: Any Lunch Beat are to be no longer than 60 minutes long and set during ”lunch time”.
7th rule: Lunch Beat always serve their guest with a 1 Dj-set and 1 take away meal.
8th rule: Water is always served during a Lunch Beat for free.
9th rule: Lunch Beat is a preferably drug free environment.
10th rule: Lunch Beat can be set up anywhere by anyone as long as they are announced as public events, are nonprofit arrangements and are directed by this manifesto.

Lunch Beat



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