Luca Forcucci - Traces


26.02.2014 - 17.03.2014

Sound Surrounds shows sound art from the trinational region from January to the end of March 2014. In Freiburg, Strasbourg, and Basel visitors can experience what sound art is and can be all about in the trinational region.  The programme Triptic Kulturaustausch am Oberrhein combines exhibitions, concerts and various other events at different venues in the three cities. 

The House of Electronic Arts Basel will become a trinational sound-meeting point as well.  In Luca Forcucci‘s sound installation Traces, the visitors will not only encounter sounds of the tramway in Basel, but also of the ones in Strasbourg and Freiburg. In every one of the three cities, one artist recorded the noise of tramway, swapped them with the other two artists and developed a sound fragment that creates a new imaginative audible audio space out of the tramway sounds from the three cities– this is were the project Ligne Infinie – Eine trinationale Klangutopie originated.
The rails of the trams and the related overhead lines create two layers of a striated territory. From the ground and from the air emanate a system enclosing the flows of the trams and the people, which is a grid mapping the trajectories. Moreover, the vibrations generated by the trams, trigger a tactile perception of the territory and generate another territorial layer. The installation Traces decodes the layers, the grid and the trajectories, and recombine them into another not fixed reality. Traces is an independent vibrating territory, deterritorialized and without borders applied to the body of the visitors.

Opening ?Wednesday Februar?y 26, 19h




Luca Forcucci is a binational Swiss and Italian composer and artist who engages in the dynamics between sound and space. Forcucci graduated at the Queen’s University of Belfast in 2007, with a Master’s degree in Sonic Arts. His work is presented worldwide on a regular basis. In 2009 he was at the Brain Mind Institute (Lausanne, CH) as an artist in residence and did research at the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM, Paris) and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris). Luca Forcucci is a sonic art researcher at De Montfort University‘s Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC) in Leicester, UK.



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