Let's clone your carrot!

Bio-hacking workshop with Špela Petric. Having carrots as our teachers, we will unpack the biotechnology and implications of cloning. Bring your own carrot!


15.04.2018, 10:00-17:00

Age: suitable from 12 years on

Admission: 30 CHF / 20 CHF reduced

Links: http://spelapetric.org

What would happen if clones took over the world? Or have they already?

At a time when cloning has become not only a term from science fiction but also a promise for our biomedical future, it is important for us to better understand what these procedures actually entail. 

Cutting edge science has been working on expanding the types of organisms on which cloning can be performed, but in the mean time we have gotten very good at understanding how plants have been able to do this – often without the assistance of humans.

The workshop "Let's clone your carrot!" at HeK uses a hands-on approach to perform the hello world of plant tissue culture with simple DIY techniques and minimum specialty equipment. Having carrots, tobacco and thale cress as our teachers, we will unpack the biotechnology, biology and implications of plant tissue culture, cloning and micropropagation, allowing you not only to clone carrots at HeK, but also experiment with other plants in your own home.

Bring your own carrot!

Let's clone your carrot!

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