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Guided tour with curator Boris Magrini

Discover the exhibition «Regionale 21 – Expanded Video Works» on a guided tour with curator Boris Magrini.

event/guided tour

03.12.2020, 18:00-19:00

Venue: HeK

Admission: Included in the entry fee (9/6 CHF)

Registration: No registration necessary

Boris Magrini

This year’s Regionale exhibition at HeK titled Regionale 21 - Expanded Video Works focuses on the artistic use of moving images and presents a selection of videos, films and animations. The innovative use of digital technologies, virtual reality, video games and multi-channel video characterises the work of this young generation of artists. Curator Boris Magrini accompanies the visitors through the exhibition and offers exciting insights into the works on display.

Guided tour with curator Boris Magrini