Open Call: Internet Yami-Ichi Basel 2019

Join in and materialize the digital age! Are you tired of just seeing the world on a screen? You don`t want to renounce your beloved World Wide Web in Real Life? Then switch off your devices and take part in the Internet Yami-Ichi at HeK!


21.09.2019, 16:00-22:00

Admission: gratis

Registration: per Link unten


The Internet Yami-Ichi is a flea market where internet-like things can be exchanged and sold. On this wondrous market you can find funny and useless materializations of the digital age, which celebrate the abundance of the user culture of the Internet and provide a lot of fun.

The Yami-Ichi was developed by the artist duo Exonemo from Tokyo and their collective IDPW, a "secret society on the Internet that goes back 100 years". Since the first Yami-Ichi in 2012, Yami-Ichis have taken place all over the world, in New York, Seoul, Moscow, Madrid, Berlin and many more. More about the Yami-Ichi on the official website:

At the last editions in Basel you could discover among other things: self-printed spam postcards, Grumpy Cat from salt dough, Real-Life Instagram-Filter or a Paste-Bin printer station. Make-up tutorials and yoga lessons ran on the Youtube stage, and at the AI cocktail bar you could try automatically generated drinks. 

The Yami-Ichi will take place during the Oslo Night 2019. Participation is free of charge.

There are only two rules:

- Offer Internet-like things.

- No dangerous, harmful or illegal offers please.

 We are looking for imaginative, funny and surprising stands for the 2019 edition. 

Your ideas are welcome!

- Participation is free of charge.

- Participation can be individuals or groups.

- The participants build and dismantle their own stands. 

- The event will take place outside - beware - it may be windy!

- The HeK provides tables, chairs, WLAN and electricity.

- A catering buffet and drinks are available for the participants.

- All participants will receive a Yami-Ichi T-shirt as a gift.

until 15.09.2019

Information: Christophe Schneider, yamiichi[at]

Open Call: Internet Yami-Ichi Basel 2019



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