Internet Yami-Ichi

After a first successful Internet Yami-Ichi 2017, we are ready for the second edition in May 2018, are you too?


26.05.2018, 13:00-17:30

Admission: free

Registration: yamiichi.hek.ch

Links: http://yami-ichi.biz/

At the second Swiss Internet Yami-Ichi (http://yami-ichi.biz/) goods and services from the Internet are materialized and sold in the real world. Face-to-face "browsing" of inspiring ideas is the focus of the flea market and visitors are invited to rummage through the various offers. The Japanese word "Yami-Ichi" means directly translated "black market", whereby nothing illegal takes place but the double interpretation of the word refers to the "Internet Obsessive Market". Thus, the chaotic activity and the often useless and superfluous items of flea markets can be compared with the structure of the Internet.

After the artists' collective IDPW, which calls itself the "Secret Society", organized the first Yami-Ichi in Japan in 2012, their idea spread worldwide. The highlight was the "World Wide Internet Yami-Ichi" (http://yami-ichi.biz/wwyw/), which took place in 2015, simultaneously in different cities. As quoted on IDPW.org ("Once upon a time, the Internet was supposed to be a place for liberty") the Japanese artists want to recall the original idea of the Internet and live it in the form of the Internet flea market.

At our last market, the offer included self printed spam postcards, Grumpy Cat salt dough figures and organ trades with cattle hearts in the offline Darknet. A Facebook Likes Black Market was spontaneously created and the first <Best Ever Gold Standard Yami-Ichi Award> was presented in the form of a 3D print Oscar Cookie Cutter.

Suppliers are makers, artists, researchers and anyone who wants to offer products that have something to do with the Internet.

Further information and registration at yamiichi.hek.ch

Back streets of the Interent (WKtokyo)

Internet Yami-Ichi