Gysin & Vanetti. Photo: Chris Etter del Muda.

HeK Net Works - Gysin & Vanetti, 24 times

Every month, HeK shows a net-based project created especially for our digital series HeK Net Works. The series began during the lockdown period at a weekly pace, and now goes on with a monthly contribution. This month we would like to introduce you to Gysin & Vanetti.

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08.12.2020 12.01.2021

Gysin & Vanetti, 24 times (from the Clock series), 2020.

Set in a tradition that ranges from concrete art to kinetic and programmatic art, the artists Andreas Gysin and Sidi Vanetti develop projects that often make use of recuperated mechanical systems. The work Zürich HB Flap (2016) is a spectacular example of this. Gysin & Vanetti obtained the monumental mechanical signage panel of Zurich's main station comprising 452 split-flaps elements - and replaced in 2015 by a digital panel - to reprogram it in order to create a kinetic installation. Their transformations, which the artists call 'found geometries', often take on a playful and sometimes absurd character. For example, they created a videomapping projection for the façade of a baroque church in Locarno (S.Antonio, 2007), choreographed a series of moving head lights (Fari, 2014-16) or programmed a sand drawing machine to produce geometric compositions (Sabbia, 2017).

The work created for our series HeK Net Works, 24 times, is part of the Clock series and consists of 24 variations around the clock theme. Each of these 24 clocks displays the time of day in real time, but with different and unusual formats. The results are rhythmic compositions of numbers, letters and signs, such as the sum of all the numbers that make up the hours, minutes and seconds of a given moment, or the appearance of a cuckoo every half hour.

24 times (from the Clock series) is visible from 08.12.2020 to 12.01.2021 here: https://24times.gysin-vanetti.com

Tip: open the site on your mobile phone, choose one of the 24 clocks, and add it to your Home screen to get your personalised watch!

HeK Net Works - Gysin & Vanetti, 24 times