Dirk Koy, Raum, 2021

HeK Net Works – Dirk Koy, Raum

Every month, HeK shows a net-based project created especially for our digital series HeK Net Works. The series began during the lockdown period at a weekly pace, and now goes on with a monthly contribution. This month we would like to introduce you to Dirk Koy.


13.04.2021 11.05.2021

Portrait Dirk Koy, Photo: Simon Mader

Dirk Koy is a Swiss artist and lecturer at HGK FHNW Basel for time-based media. Originally trained as a graphic designer, Koy works primarily with audio-visual media. In his award-winning works, he experiments with everyday images and environments, using both analogue and digital techniques. The artist creates surprising audio-visual works in which the viewer's perception is often challenged.

His Work Raum is a moving, 360°, digital and analogue drawing on view exclusively from 13.04.2021 – 11.05.2021 as part of Hek Net Works, created during the lockdown. During this time in which movement options were severely limited, nearby natural space, digital space, and one's imagination offered the opportunity to leave home to experience other places. In this work, a space is created that leads users to the intersection between reality and virtuality.

Raum can be experienced online on HeK's Vimeo page as well as on our social media from 13.04.2021 – 11.05.2021. Sound and movement create an immersive experience in an environment that feels moving and organic, but in its form can only exist in digital space.

Statement by Dirk Koy:
"Pencil drawing, photography, digital texture and movement merge into one big whole. Everything seems to be set in motion. The viewer becomes part of the action and decides which point of view he/she wants to take. The individual media layers begin to correspond with each other and allow the viewer to dive into an uncontrolled, porous world. Below and above dissolve, individual image layers break open, seemingly subterranean things come to the surface: unpredictable, erratic, with long pauses, then continuous again. The familiar becomes strange, the strange becomes familiar."

HeK Net Works – Dirk Koy, Raum