FREIZONE DREISPITZ is an audio video walk with live interventions. Oscillating between reality and fiction, this play leads the audience equipped with headphones and tablet across the Dreispitz area. A listening experience that opens the eyes.

event/audio video walk

01.10.2020 18.10.2020

Admission: 25 CHF / 10 CHF (red.) / 35 CHF patron ticket

Tickets: Book your personal Timeslot via "Buy Tickets"

Timeslots: Thu-Sun, from 18:00 there are 30 individual timeslots

Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Language: German without subtitles 

Please report to the cash desk of the HeK 10 minutes before your booked time slot begins!

FREIZONE DREISPITZ is about people and stories in an area that reflects the transformation processes of society in an unusual and magical way. Today, art, industry and everyday life coexist within the walls of the former free port. The play leads the spectator equipped with headphones from the HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) across Dreispitz. Along the way, spectators sink into sound worlds in which they are surprised again and again by different performers. Rather than actors they are connoisseurs of the place who, for very different reasons, spend a lot of time on the area. They lead the spectators to unexpected places on a journey in which reality and fiction join hands.

The Walk is not accessible for wheelchairs. Good footwear is recommended. Heavy bags are not good companions.

Direction, text & voice: Isabelle Stoffel

Dramaturgy and play: Mona Petri

With: Peter Adam, Harald Aescht, Verena Brigger, Markus Burkhalter, Franziska Diana, Mario Felix, Rebecca Geyer, Yvonne Jauslin, Valentina Merz, Lucia Pietrafesa, Luc Spühler

Technical management: David Rehorek, Ilana Walker*

Audio & Light: David Rehorek, Michael Kempf

Video: Lisa Böffgen

Scenography: Ingvild Jervidalo

Assistant directors: Linda Bühlmann & Till Simmen

Cooperation: Sebastian Gebhart*

Photos: Alex Urosevic (Involt)

Communication: Simone Schelker, Noemi Scheurer*

Production management: Simone Schelker, Miriam Walter

*First project

Production management and Communication: Simone Schelker

Many thanks for the kind permission of S. Fischer Verlag for "Ziehende Landschaft" by Hilde Domin, from the poetry collection "Nur eine Rose als Stütze".

Many thanks to: Melek Adam,  Blue Palms, Christina Felle, Egger Instrumentenbau, Enver Pajaziti, Fine Degen, Funny Diving,genusswerk & Co IG Tauchclubs BS/BL, Institut Industrial Design HGK FHNW, Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, Improvisanten,  Kantine Dreispitz, Kasimir Krneta, Lucas Wirz, Point de Vue, Radio X, Torsten Schimanski, Werner Raststetter, Wortstellwerk

More information about the theatre collective Recycled Illusions can be found at www.recycled-illusions.com


Tickets: Book your personal Timeslot via "Buy Tickets"


A project within the framework of "Dreispitz entdecken"

Christoph Merian Stiftung and Recycled Illusions
With the friendly support of: Etavis
In collaboration with: HeK (House of electronic arts Basel), Atelier Mondial, Hyperwerk, OFFCUT Basel