Christoph Faulhaber, Jedes Bild ist ein leeres Bild, 2014, Filmstill

Every picture is an empty picture

Christoph Faulhaber says he makes apolitical art in public space. Not everyone agrees with his assessment, as will become evident in his film.

event/film screening

Sun, 20.09.2015, 20:00

Admission: Free admission

The film “Every picture is an empty picture” tells of artist Christoph Faulhaber’s provocative actions from the perspective of the protagonist of the video game “Grand Theft Auto.” In a mixture of documentation, fiction and experimental film,  the artist invites the audience to follow his interventions in the public sphere; he ironically / subversively examines the issue of power in a seemingly free space, and the meaning of pictures in this process. Under the name of his fictitious company “Mister Security”, he protected the space in front of embassies from a curious public. With this and other actions, Faulhaber became a suspected terrorist  who subsequently experienced repressive measures. Instead of curbing the artist, these absurdities actually reveal  the power structures of the public sphere.

19:30 Bar

20:00 Beginning of the movie

Every picture is an empty picture