ESKIN Workshop, performers dancing in front of a projection.

ESKIN 5 Basel

ESKIN is an audiovisual dance performance, an inclusion project on media and ecology.


Sun-Sun, 27.-27.10.2019, 16:00

Admission: 12 / 8 (free on Saturday, 26. October, 2pm)

Jill Scott interacts through Kinect with digial skin cells on the screen.

Friday, 25th October, 8 pm
Saturday, 26th October, 2 pm ( with voice over for visually challenged audience )
Saturday, 26th October, 8 pm
Sunday, 27th October, 4 pm

ESKIN is a media art project on climate change under the direction of Swiss-Australian media artist Jill Scott. ESKIN stands for Eco-skin, Electronic Skin and Equality Skin. It is a new co-creative and multi-disciplinary technical platform that encourages local empowerment for those who want to be included in the debate on the physical effects of climate change and speak out about our pollution and energy use. It is a collaborative performance with visually challenged persons who will share their special sensory perceptions with the public.

In ESKIN 5 Basel, five participants, two choreographers, two scientific consultants and six media artists make a workshop to create five interlinked scenes on a media art stage with customized sound objects, interactive graphics, dancers, computer interaction and wearable technologies. During the performance at the HeK, the five scenes developed by the participants during the workshop will be played for the audience, creating a spectacular audiovisual performance that establishes an emotional dialogue between the audience and the performers.

The five interlinked scenes in ESKIN are based on changes that currently affect life on the farms and in the cities, rivers and forests of Switzerland. Information in the scenes is guided by scientists and local ecologists from the Crowther Lab at the Institute for Integrative Biology, ETH Zurich and the Atmospheric Sciences Meteorology Institute of Climatology and Remote Sensing ( mcr ) at the University of Basel. The participants skillfully blend this factual information with mediated, interpretative and creative talent to give the audience a unique experience and an audio/visual feast that combines an ode to nature with the need for sustainable activism.

Director: Jill Scott

Choreographers: Dominique Cardito und Tommi Zeuggin

Visually Challenged Participants: Roberto Collidoro, Pina Dolce, Daniel Fernandes, Leila Grillo, Nicole Sourt Sánchez

Media Art Team supported by: Hahne/Scott AIL Production, Zürich

Stage, Sound, Visuals, Programming, Film:  Marille Hahne, Participant coordinator, Stage Design, Film Document; Andrew Quinn, Interactive Graphics; Vanessa Barrera Giraldo, Sound Interaction Design; Victor Giers,  Interactive sound customization; Olav Lervik, Electronic Music; Scene 5 by Daniel Fernandes; Daniel Bisig, Wearable shoes.

Outreach: Lucie Bader Promotion

If you need assistance to come to HeK from the tram station, please call 061 283 60 50. If you would like to hear the audio description at the event on Saturday at 2 pm, please bring your mobile phone and headphones.

ESKIN 5 Basel


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