Making of Eskin 4, Durban, South Africa, film still

Eskin 4: Workshop for Visually Impaired People - Kickoff

Eskin 4 is a motion and sound workshop for people with visual impairment that will take place at HeK in October 2019. At the kickoff event participants will get to know more about the project, the participating artists, choreographers and the technologies involved.


11.05.2019, 12:30-16:30

Age: from 15 years

Admission: free

Registration: vermittlung@hek.ch or 061 283 60 51

Links: https://www.jillscott.org

Jill Scott, Marille Hahne, Eskin 4, Durban, South Africa, performance

Would you like to work together with two media artists from Zurich on an exciting art and culture project supported by HeK? Would you like to express your own thoughts about the environment in which you grew up and live today? How has climate change possibly had an impact on this environment?

In October 2019 HeK will present Eskin 4, a motion and sound workshop by media artists Jill Scott and Marille Hahne. A kickoff meeting will take place in May and introduce visitors to the project presenting an audio demonstration of Eskin 4. Participants will meet Jill Scott and Marille Hahne as well as dancers and choreographers Dominique Cardito and Tommi Zeuggin, who will lead the workshop in October. 

During the motion and sound workshop Eskin 4, thoughts on the change of our everyday environment will be translated into sound worlds and movement sequences. Participants will be supported by a specially developed interactive platform. With openness and curiosity they will explore interactive movement and navigation methods. They will experiment with noise and sound and explore acoustic orientation within space. At the end of the workshop, a public presentations of the results will take place in the form of a self-developed motion and sound composition.

Food will be provided during the kickoff event.

No previous knowledge is required for participation. Transport to HeK will be supported by arrangement.

The workshop will take place during ten days in October 2019.

Eskin 4: Workshop for Visually Impaired People - Kickoff