Thom Kubli, Radiosands, Fahrbereitschaft (Haubrok Foundation), Berlin 2019, Foto: Jie Liang Lin

Opening: Radiosands

We are celebrating the opening of the exhibition Radiosands, a project by the artist Thom Kubli and ZHAW/Sven Hirsch consisting of FM radios controlled by an artificial intelligence.


Thu, 02.05.2019, 19:00

Venue: Atelier Mondial

Admission: free

Thom Kubli, Radiosands, Fahrbereitschaft (Haubrok Foundation), Berlin 2019, Photo: Jie Liang Lin

Radiosands is a walk-in installation in which several radio programmes being broadcasted simultaneously are analysed and reassembled. The installation uses the speed and algorithmic power of digital technology to create a new experience: A real-time collage of sound fragments that can be experienced within an expansive sculpture. The spatio-temporal choreography of the acoustic particles becomes a new unity.

At the opening, the project Radiosands will be presented. The introduction will be followed by an apéro to which all visitors are cordially invited.

Opening: Radiosands



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