Karen Lancel und Hermen Maat, E.E.G KISS

E.E.G KISS Installation

In the installation "E. E. G. KISS" by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat the participants can experience a kiss together with all their senses. The spectators are invited to participate as kissers, voyeurs, and EEG data scanners by wearing a E.E.G. head sets to measure brainwaves activity.


19.01.2018, 18:00-02:00

Admission: Museumsnight ticket (available at HeK)

Links: https://museumsnacht.ch

Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat explore the tension between embodied presence, intimacy, privacy and trust in current social-technological systems. In E.E.G. KISS the artists investigate how a kiss can be translated into bio-feedback data. At the Museums Night they create a synesthetic kissing ritual, in which all participants feel, see, hear, touch and experience a communal kiss. While kissing, the participant’s brainwaves are measured and analysed by a computer interface which in turns translates the real time E.E.G. data into a music score and an immersive floor projection.

EEG KISS CLOUD Lancel/Maat at Frascati Theatres Amsterdam ‘End of Privacy Festival’

E.E.G KISS Installation



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