Image: Dasha Ilina / CTP

DIY solutions for a life free of technological pain

Create your own DIY solution for technology-related pain! Workshop with artist Dasha Ilina, Center for Technological Pain.

education/Online workshop

15.05.2021, 16:00-19:00

Age: from 7 years up (children accompanied by adults)

Admission: 30 CHF (20 CHF reduced price)

Photo: Dasha Ilina / CTP

DIY solutions for a life free of technological pain is a workshop focused on creating DIY objects against health problems that arise from technology, using materials you can find in your own home. It’s so cheap and easy, even five year olds can do it! During this workshop, you will think critically about the impact the devices you use everyday have on your body, both physically and mentally, while working with your hands in order to create a one-of-a-kind solution to the problems you’ve encountered.

If you have ever experienced eye dryness from staring at a screen for too long or neck pain from looking down at your phone too much, this workshop is for you!

The workshop will take place online via Zoom. The link to the Zoom conference will be emailed after registration.

Participants will need:
- paper, pens
- painting / drawing supplies
- cardboard (different thickness), foam, fabric, etc.
- scissors, cutter, awl, ruler, etc.
- glue, stapler, clamps, strong tape, wire, etc.

Participating in this workshop is fun also in groups! Therefore the price of the workshop is per household instead of per person.

Attention: limited number of participants, please book ticket in time!

Dasha Ilina is an Paris based artist, and the founder of Center for Technological Pain. For CTP she has developed various strategies to deal with technology-induced pain, including workshops, objects, self defense techniques and yoga lessons.

DIY solutions for a life free of technological pain