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Minecraft - Digital Lego

The Digital Lego can do far more than you think: the best is to try it yourself! Play and start piling up bricks at the HeK. A workshop for adults and children alike.


07.05.2016, 14:00-17:00

Admission: 15 CHF

Registration: vermittlung@hek.ch

Links: https://minecraft.net

Minecraft, the ‘digital Lego’ game, grew out of an Indie Game designed by Swedish developer Magnus Persson (well-known as Notch) and has become a global phenomenon. Since its release in 2011 it has won numerous prizes and as of June 2015 had sold more than 70 million copies. The developer finds the success of his game quite unexpected: Persson sold the rights to Microsoft in 2014 - for 2.5 billion US dollars. Originally only available on PC, Minecraft can now be played on all major hardware platforms.

A small universe has developed around Minecraft – a Minecraft festival appeared, as well as special school versions of the game, films, countless Youtubers playing the game and Minecraft Lego sets, which take us, in a loop, all the way from the digital back to analogue. 

Two different play modes are available in Minecraft: the survival mode, in which the player collects resources and must conserve his or her life energy; and the creative mode, with unlimited resources. In the latter, users have built entire roller coasters, functional computers and the fantasy world from the series ‘Game of Thrones’ out of special components – just to name a few projects.

In the workshop we will show how Minecraft works and explore everything one can make with the various blocks. For experienced Minecrafters there is a chance to view the redstone blocks and the new possibilities they represent. For those who just want to have a look, we have prepared various stations with interesting creations and worlds that have been built using Minecraft.

Who can join in?
Everyone is welcome: children, teenagers, parents - the workshop’s orientation will depend on its participants. Come with curiosity and leave your fear to try out something new behind.

Minecraft - Digital Lego



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