Jonas Baumann, Reminiscence Stick, Installation, 2016

Die zweite Natur

Artistic reflections on nature in the digital age.

HeK and 18 other regional institutions show contemporary art from the trinational region as part of the annual Regionale exhibition.


27.11.2016 08.01.2017

Admission: 9 CHF / 6 CHF (red.)

Links: https://www.regionale.org/

Tim Otto Roth, Sterea Skia, Installation, 2015/16

The annual "Regionale" exhibition brings together works that deal with our surrounding environment. They reflect natural phenomena using digital and electronic technology, and bring the sensory properties of these phenomena into the exhibition space. Visitors can plunge into forests, clouds and fields of stars: into a “second nature” that the artists themselves have created. Our impression of the world, our perception of nature, is shaped by the digital character of our age. These artists show us how the natural world can be represented and reconstructed almost seamlessly using technology, and they appeal to both our humor and our senses.


Jonas Baumann, Pier Giorgio De Pinto, Philipp Gasser, Susanna Hertrich, Stefan Karrer, Thomas Lasbouygues, LAYTBEUIS, Philippe Lepeut, Philipp Madörin, Tim Otto Roth, Lingjie Wang & Jingfang Hao

Opening: 26.11.2016, 17:00

Tim Otto Roth, Sterea Skia, installation, 2015/16, photo: Lukas Zitzer
Thomas Lasbouygues and Guillaume Barth, Projet Elina, installation, 2013-2015, photo: Lukas Zitzer
Exhibition view, photo: Lukas Zitzer
Jonas Baumann, Reminiscence Stick, installation, 2016, photo: Lukas Zitzer
Exhibition view, Foto: Marco Frauchiger
Stefan Karrer, Cool clouds that look like they should be spelling something, installation, 2012/2016, photo: Marco Frauchiger
Philippe Lepeut, On Air, installation, 2014-2015, photo: Marco Frauchiger
LAYTBEUIS, Susurrus Lights. Aggregate V., installation, 2016, photo: Marco Frauchiger

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