Ben Fino-Radin

Conservation Piece(s) III

The third edition of our event series "Conservation Piece(s)" examines the topic of digital repositories and archives.

event/Conservation Piece(s)

02.10.2017, 15:00-18:00

Admission: free

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Links: http://www.hek.ch/sammlung/conservationpieces.html

The preservation of digital works for posterity presents a major challenge to museums and other cultural institutions. People speak of ours as a “Digital Dark Age”; no other era has been so threatened by the loss of data. The growing number of digital and digitalized works in collections and museums demands digital depots for secure storage and the guarantee of long-term accessibility. Today, this demand is felt by nearly all museums and collections. As with depots for analog or concrete works, digital storage also requires serious planning and management, including restriction of access rights, ongoing control and maintenance. To this end, museums and other cultural institutions are busy implementing various strategies and solutions. 

"Conservation Piece(s) III" takes a close look at this theme, with an input lecture by Ben Fino-Radin, founder of Small Data Industries, a New York based private conservation practice and consultancy specializing in all aspects of caring for time-based media collections. Prior to founding Small Data, Ben served as Associate Media Conservator at the MoMA in New York, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the institution’s digital repository, as well as the conservation of born-digital works of art.

Two Swiss cultural institutions will present case studies: Emilie Magnin and Bruna Casagrande will introduce the newly established SAPA repository (formerly the Swiss Dance Archive), where digitalized video documentations are saved. Kerstin Mürer and Eléonore Bernard will present a work in progress: the digital repository of the Kunsthaus Zürich, including the current status for establishing workflow on documentation, quality control and storage of digital and digitized art videos.

Wits its "Conservation Piece(s)" event series the HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) – in cooperation with the Department of Conservation and Restoration of the Bern University of the Arts – hopes to address the urgent questions and challenges that arise related to the preservation of digital art. With input presentations and case studies, the event brings together conservators, artists, theoreticians and institutions from the worlds of digital art and technology to examine the current state of affairs, to learn from completed projects, to provide insights on new conservation strategies and to promote cooperation between affected institutions. Conservation Piece(s) is organized as an open-format series and is taking place for the third time. 

Contact: Sabine Himmelsbach, sabine.himmelsbach@hek.ch, +41-61-331 5804 and Agathe Jarczyk, agathe.jarczyk@hkb.bfh.ch, +41 31 848 38 78

Conservation Piece(s) III



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