Exhibition: Immersive Lab – Cosa Mentale (Célia Bétourné & Louis Cortes)

The HeK and the ICST present the work of the artist group Cosa Mentale (Célia Bétourné & Louis Cortes), which were developed in the interactive sound and video environment "Immersive Lab" within the framework of the artist residence. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the media content.


14.12.2019 - 15.12.2019

Admission: Included in the HeK entry fee

Links: http://immersivelab.zhdk.ch/

The "Immersive Lab" - developed by Daniel Bisig and Jan Schacher - is a unique sound and video space; in a 360° panorama projection with surround sound in a ring-shaped arrangement, digital media generated in real time can be experienced. The entire surface of the installation is touch-sensitive and allows visitors* to interactively influence the media content through hand gestures. The Immersive Lab has been further developed by the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST) of the Zurich University of the Arts for several years as a platform for the realization and presentation of artistic works.

At the HeK, the work of the artist group Cosa Mentale (Célia Bétourné & Louis Cortes), which was created during an artist residence and as part of a workshop directly on site, will be shown. Visitors* are invited to immerse themselves in a unique medial world and become part of this unusual interactive and collaborative environment of the Immersive Lab. It is only through the interaction of the audience that the work unfolds its full potential.

The exhibition can be visited on Saturday and Sunday during the regular opening hours of the HeK (12:00-18:00).

On Saturday, 14.12.2019, an aperitif will take place at 16:00 in the presence of the artists. You are cordially invited.


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