Swiss TV-show Arena from 4.3.2016. Image: srf.ch

Bits and Bites

Exhibition talk with Silvan Gisler, communication officer at Operation Libero, followed by a snack.

education/BItFabrik - Programmierclub, Discussion, guided tour

Thu, 11.05.2017, 18:30

Admission: 25 CHF (20 CHF reduced), admission to the exhibition and snack included

Registration: vermittlung@hek.ch

Links: http://www.operation-libero.ch

Societal and political discourses are decisively influenced by media. There is a good reason for calling public media such as press and radio the "fourth power". Through their reporting, they form the basis for an open opinion-forming process, which is indispensable for the functioning of a democracy. At least since the US presidential election social media has also been increasingly perceived as a place of expression by a mixture of shock and fascination.

In 2016, Operation Libero carried out a multi-faceted campaign with various allies in the reconciliation campaign for the enforcement initiative in Switzerland and for the first time demonstrated that even non-established forces outside parties and associations can significantly influence public discourse.

We are walking through the exhibition with Silvan Gisler. Silvan is a member of the management and communication officer at Operation Libero.

How are social and political discourses conducted and how can they be influenced? What role do media play in public opinion, and how do stories, narratives, and images work in it? How do the strategies of concrete campaign work relate to the artistic strategies that are shown in the exhibition?

Afterwards, all participants are invited to a small dinner, where the conversations can be continued.

Bits and Bites




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