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Bits and Bites - Je röter desto töter?

As part of the exhibition Eco-Visionaries, an expert talk with scientist Martin Forter will take place.

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01.11.2018, 18:30-21:00

Admission: 25 CHF admission and snack / 20 CHF reduced admission and snack / 16 CHF free admission and snack / 10 CHF free admission without snack

Rasa Smite und Raitis Smits, Fluctuations of Microworlds, 2017

On November 1st, exactly 32 years ago, after the chemical fire at Schweizerhalle, the Rhine turned red because of the extinguishing water and thousands of fish died. „Je röter desto töter,“ the population commented, although the red dye itself was not toxic. So the question arises: How do we know how our environment is doing?

As part of the format Bits and Bites, HeK invites Martin Forter, geographer and expert on contaminated sites, to a talk and a tour through the exhibition. Since the major fire at Schweizerhalle in 1986, Martin Forter has been doing research on contaminated sites and chemical waste landfills in Switzerland, Germany and France. As Managing Director of Ärztinnen und Ärzte für Umweltschutz, he deals with topics such as industrial pollution, electro smog, air pollution, climate change and pesticides.

What steps follow scientific measurements? How can the population get involved in these issues? Who represents the interests of the population? What role do images and the media play in this process? How does concernment lead to actual change?

After the tour all participants are invited to a snack, where the discussions will continue in a more personal setting.

The talk will be in German.

Bits and Bites - Je röter desto töter?



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