The Sonic Catering Band

Bildrausch Filmfest Basel: The Sonic Catering Band

Bildrausch Filmfest Basel is dedicating a special program to filmmaker Peter Strickland. He will perform an exclusive concert at HeK with his Sonic Catering Band.


Thu, 28.05.2015, 22:00

Admission: 15 CHF / 10 CHF

Links: http://www.bildrausch-basel.ch/

English filmmaker Peter Strickland is a guest at Bildrausch and will exclusively perform at HeK with his Sonic Catering Band. Strickland’s second film Berberian Sound Studio – a psycho thriller set in Italy in the 70ies – evolves around sound and music and its excellent soundtrack was recorded by Broadcast.

Strickland is a friend of music: Since 1999, he has been managing the label Peripheral Conserve that produces lovingly designed records by Broadcast member Roj Stevens, the Bohman Brothers or 2014 Wasp Boutique (a collaboration between Jean-Hervé Péron from Faust and Zsolt Sorés). Furthermore, Peripheral Conserve issued the releases of Strickland’s own project: The Sonic Catering Band. 

The name of the originally rather loosely organized collective says it all: It records, modifies and combines sounds during cooking. Just like when preparing food, compositions emerge from individual raw material. The result is convincing: fine delicacies, influenced by Industrial and Noise that cannot only be heard in form of a menu, but also immediately be feasted upon during concert. In this sense: Enjoy your meal!

The Sonic Catering Band - Lactic Sugar Dream

Bildrausch Filmfest Basel: The Sonic Catering Band


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