Till Langschied, Tumaroh’s G-I-F Oracle, 2021

Artist Talk with Avatar Tumaroh and Boris Magrini

Till Langschied's avatar Till Tumaroh invites all digital visitors via Zoom to learn more about his Graphics-Incantation-Formats and the Internet as a mystical place.


24.02.2021, 19:00-19:45

Till Tumaroh Portrait

For Till Langschied's Net Encounters, Tumaroh programmed a Selecter AR app that can be accessed via Instagram or Facebook. Here, users discover their corresponding gif from one of the eight Graphics-Incantation Formats, G-I-F for short. Tumaroh sees the internet as a magically charged world full of individual stories.

In the Artist Talk, the avatar Tumaroh will explain the Graphics-Incantation-Formats project in conversation with Boris Magrini, answer questions about the myths of the Internet and assign a gif (Graphics-Incantation-Formats) live to interested participants.

Zoom-Link: http://bit.ly/ArtistTalkTumaroh

Code: 997542     

Artist Talk with Avatar Tumaroh and Boris Magrini