ALMA meets Flora

Female intimate Health workshop with interaction designer Giulia Tomasello.


16.02.2020, 14:00-17:00

Venue: HeK Workshoproom

Admission: free

Links: https://gitomasello.com/Alma-meets-Flora

ALMA meets Flora - the Workshop explores how intimate female health is experienced by women in our society. The aim is to identify the most emotional, educational and cultural issues that occurs when intimate daily life is disturbed by possible infections (such as vaginal or urinary).
The workshop will be divided into three exercises helping participants to discuss topics considered taboo and innovate the possible underwear, menstrual cup and tampon of the future.ALMA meets Flora invites participants to co-design educational tools and methodologies to develop a language that links the well-being and care of female intimate health in our society.

The workshop is led by Giulia Tomasello, an interaction designer innovating in women’s healthcare combining biotechnology and interactive wearables. Giulia Tomasello combines design, technological innovation and science to break taboos on women’s bodies. She ist the winner of Re-FREAM and STARTS Prize awards, both commisioned by the European Horizon 2020 funds for her Alma and Future Flora projects. Giulia Tomasello is currently a visiting lecturer at Milan Politecnico.

The workshop is dedicated to people who identify with the female gender and is open to explore the mentioned subjects. The workshop will be held in English.



ALMA meets Flora