Daniel Buess (1976-2016)

A Tribute to Daniel Buess: Ensemble Phoenix, Francisco Meirino, ILIOS, Praxis Records

In memory of the musician Daniel Buess: Two premieres of new works with the Ensemble Phoenix Basel, a recording release party for RIND (Praxis Records) and additional concerts.


Fri, 10.06.2016, 20:30

Daniel Buess (1976-2016)

In the years up to his death in March 2016, Daniel Buess of Basel launched collaborative projects with the Ensemble Phoenix Basel and musicians with rather non-academic backgrounds, influencing the ensemble’s openness towards and genuine interest in innovation. He also was actively involved in various constellations and projects. Now, to honor his memory, the ensemble and the Klappfon concert series present two performance evenings in the HeK.

Together with the Spanish performer and musician Francisco Meirino and the Greek sound artist Dimitris Kariofilis, alias ILIOS, the Ensemble Phoenix will perform these two commissioned works: “Epidemic” by Meirino and “El anillo invisible que sujeta el mundo de la forma al mundo de la idea” by Kariofilis. You will be treated to a double concert based on the two composers’ material, in which they extend the sound of the instrumental ensemble with field recordings, computers and electronics. 

Afterwards, Francisco Meirino, whose works examine the tension between programmable material and the potential for disturbances and errors, will perform a piece from his upcoming solo album “Surrender, Render, End,” followed by a live-performance by ILIOS. Since the 1990s, this sound artist has occupied the fringes, borders and extremes of tone and image production; he has challenged and pushed his audiences with as much intensity as he can muster, provoking a state of alarm and putting space and bodies to the test. 

Wrapping up the evening will be a performance by Christoph Fringeli, a Berliner by choice and the man behind the Praxis recording label and the magazine datacide: He and DJ Lynx will play a set to celebrate the release of a vinyl LP in which Daniel Buess participated. The LP includes the  work "RIND," composed and performed in 2010 by Daniel Buess, Daniel Stalder and Peter Conradin Zumthor in Basel’s Gare du Nord train station, and then rearranged by Cortex (Daniel und Alex Buess). It also includes a May, 2003 performance of Alex Buess’ composition “NOL” for percussion trio, featuring Daniel Buess, Daniel Stalder, and Matthias Würsch.

A Tribute to Daniel Buess: Ensemble Phoenix, Francisco Meirino, ILIOS, Praxis Records



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