The House of Electronic Arts Foundation is generously supported by:



The conversion and refurbishment of the new HeK venue was funded primarily by the Christoph Merian Foundation, with additional funding from the Ernst Göhner Foundation. The Canton of Basel-Landschaft generously funded the new venue’s infrastructure:



HeK's education and outreach programme is made possible by the support of the Ernst Göhner Foundation, the Beisheim Foundation and the Foundation Laurenz für das Kind:




The annual Pax Art Awards and the related exhibitions are supported by the Art Foundation Pax:



The HeK sincerely thanks all its patrons andtypo3/#_msocom_1 sponsors for their generous funding and likewise all the institutions and companies that facilitated exhibitions and events by donating equipment or other forms of support.


If you want to support us, please find here informations about sponsorship possibilities (only in German): Sponsoringdossier