Programs for Groups and Companies

Private Guided Tours

We offer guided tours tailored to the particular interests and needs of any private group or company. Tours can be scheduled for daytime or evenings, at your own convenience. We can accompany you on a tour of the exhibition and explore its major themes and/or discuss broader issues in the world of media art today. Tell us something about your interests in advance and we will devise a tour accordingly. Maximum group size per guided tour is 20 persons. For larger groups, we gladly offer parallel tours or several tours in succession.

Duration: 1 hour
Language: D / F / E / I
Cost (excluding admission):
120 CHF for private groups and public institutions , small groups of individuals up to 10 persons: 10 CHF ( p.p.), at least 80 CHF, 250 CHF for companies, 100 CHF extra fee for tours outside regular opening hours
Registration: email, Tel. 061 283 60 51

Private Workshops

We gladly organize private workshops on behalf of any private group or company. Please let us know your interests and needs and we will devise a special workshop accordingly. Workshops are combinable with guided tours.

Duration: from 2 hour
Language:  D / F / E
Cost (excluding admission): upon request
Registration and information: email, Tel. 061 283 60 51