Offers for families

Family Sunday in scope of "Digital Abstractions", 2016

Visiting HeK with children

Family Sundays

On family Sunday we invite adults and children to discover the exhibition together. We will then craft, solder, invent or experiment together during a workshop.

Age: suitable for children from age 7 (younger siblings are, of course, also welcome)
Cost: exhibition admission (free for children under 16) and, if necessary, a contribution for the material.
Duration: approx. 3h – you will be able to take individual breaks, the café will be open.


Many of our open workshops are suitable for children and/or families. Please, do check the minimum age information provided in the description of each event.
Children can participate on their own, but all helping hands accompanying them are also appropriate and welcome. Of course, children can also attend with their parents, grandparents as well as godparents. We especially welcome diverse groups! 

Age: varies depending on the workshop. Please, look up the event description.
Cost: 15 CHF for children up to 16, plus the material costs. 30 CHF for adults, plus the material costs.
Duration: from 3h

Soundwalk – Electrical Walks Basel

The sound artist Christina Kubisch has composed a walk for the HeK, which offers a whole new experience of the Dreispitz area. With specially equipped headphones the electromagnetic fields become audible – well, the electric currents.
A discovery adventure for the whole family through the Dreispitz area: What rustles here so loudly? Where is it entirely quiet? How does the tram station sound? And who will find something that is not indicated on the map?
The headphones (max. 4) as well as instructions with a map can be borrowed at the entrance desk during the opening hours in exchange for the deposit of an official I.D. 

Costs: free
Duration: approx. 1h depending on the route and tempo

Birthday Celebration

We celebrate with you! For bright groups of children, we offer birthday workshops on the theme of robots. What is a robot? Which kind of robot would you like to invent? Together, we build a small, cheerful robot, which each kid can take home afterwards. A birthday cake can be taken along. Drinks will be available.

Age: suitable for children aged 8 and above.
Size of the group: min. 7 / max. 12 children
Duration: 3h
Cost: 30 CHF per participant (incl. material costs)

Info and reservations: E-Mail