Bits and Bites

Dirk Helbing talks about synchronization in social systems, in the background the installation "Pulse Room" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, 24.08.2016.

Bits and Bites

The delicious bite in the accompanying program

For each exhibition, we invite the public to an open conversation with experts. The guest speakers usually work within a related yet external field of specialization. The interventions explore the relationship between art and the world we live in; they discuss the digital present. The expert guests offer new perspectives from within their areas of activity; they provide more information on their specific vision and insights.

Following the intervention through the exhibition, we propose a light meal shared in the museum café, where participants are invited to further exchange in a more intimate setting. It will be the occasion to address personal requests, define theses more clearly, answer new questions, share experiences, laugh them out and, last but not least, make new acquaintances. 

Experts at Bits Bites:

- Felix Stalder, Professor for Media Culture, Zurich University of the Arts (

- Oliver Thommen Dombois, Head of the Statistical Office for the Canton BS (

- Markus Brönnimann, Data Privacy Protection Commissioner for the Canton BS (

- Dirk Helbing, Professor for Complex System Research, ETH Zurich (

- Stephanie Taepke, Software Developer and Pokémon Go Pioneer (

You will be able to find all the current events in our program; past ones can be found in our archive.

Expert_innen bei Bits und Bites

- Felix Stalder, Professor für Medienkultur, ZHDK Zürich (

- Oliver Thommen Dombois, Geschäftsleitung Statistisches Amt Kanton BS (

- Markus Brönnimann, Datenschutzbeauftragter Kanton BS (

- Dirk Helbing, Professor für Komplexitätsforschung, ETH Zürich (

- Stephanie Taepke, Software Entwicklerin und Pokemon Go Pionierin (

Die aktuellen Veranstaltungen finden Sie im Programm, die vergangenen Events im Archiv.