On this page you will find different articles, such as lectures, interviews texts and videos on the topic of the preservation and conservation of digital art.


Media Art - Curating and Conservation

Sabine Himmelsbach and Claudia Röck held a full-day seminar on Media Art - Curating and Preserving as part of the advanced training course in applied art science, materials and techniques at the Swiss Institute of Art History (SIK).

Case study


This report provides a base for the preservation and presentation of TraceNoizer, a web-based artwork by the artist collective LAN. Annina Rüst, Fabian Thommen, Roman Abt, Silvan Zurbruegg and Marc Lee created this work in 2001.


IPRES Presentation

Presentation by Sabine Himmelsbach at the IPRES conference 2016 on "Net-based and Networked - Challenges for the Conservation of Digital Art“.