LAN, Trace Noizer, 2001, screenshot

LAN, TraceNoizer – Disinformation On Demand

Year: 2001
Type: Internet Artwork
Media Format:
Dimension: variable
Duration: variable
Acquisition: Acquired 2017, Inv. No. S0047.
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LAN, Trace Noizer, 2001, screenshot
LAN, Trace Noizer, 2001, screenshot
LAN, Trace Noizer, 2001, google search
LAN, Trace Noizer, 2001, screenshot
TraceNoizer is a website that allows all registered users to conceal their own Internet identity by repeatedly cloning information from fake websites. Bit by bit, the cloned data is captured by the major search engines, so that it becomes indistinguishable from real information. With the help of the Clone Control Center, the cloned always have the chance to review a list of the concealed sites and, where appropriate, remove them. 
Working under the label "LAN" (Local Area Network) at the New Media Department of Zurich's Art and Design University, Annina Rüst, Roman Abt, Fabian Thommen, Urs Hodel and Silvan Zurbruegg already realized in 2001 that the only way to truly erase something from the Internet was to overlay relevant facts with false ones. In his ars oblivionalis, Umberto Eco describes this phenomenon as the generation of an all-encompassing noise. 
Neither the human brain nor the WWW can forget on demand. Unlike human memory, however, everything that has appeared online is virtually impossible to erase permanently. How to make such data disappear is one of the biggest current controversies related to digitalization and one that affects every single one of us. 
(Text: Bettina Back)

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