collectif_fact, Loading, 2007, screenshot

collectif_fact, Loading

Year: 2006
Type: Animation Video
Media Format: Video SD, 4/3, 576i
Duration: 42'' loop
Dimension: Variable
Acquisition: Permanent loan from the Digital Art Collection, Basel (Annette Schindler and Reinhard Storz), 2017. Inv. No. S0031.
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collectif_fact, Loading, 2007, screenshot
collectif_fact, Loading, 2007, screenshot

The animated video Loading by the artist group collectif_fact shows an endlessly looped, short sequence of identical, grey delivery vans that drive two by two into an equally grey parking garage. The monotonous flow of the vans never changes. The scenery appears to be made of cardboard and the plot is obviously set-up and unnatural. 

The artists are neither playing with the ambiguity of everyday objects that appear as sculpted, as contrived, as in the installations of Fischli/Weiss. Nor, in the end, the incidental still dissolves into the disturbing, as in the case of the minutely reconstructed interiors of Thomas Demand. What happens is actually nothing: something that the viewers don’t expect when dealing with a work of art that is so clearly recognizable as artificial. In the presentation, which is unsurpassed in boredom and lack of excitement, the artists succeed – with a wink - in rendering the unexpected representable. 

(Text: Bettina Back) 

Artist Bio

Collectif_fact is  Annelore Schneider and Claude Piguet. They live and work in both London and Geneva.

Their projects, particularly videos, are often a deconstruction of what we perceive as cinematographic codes of our visual culture. collectif_fact are fascinated by the daily repetition, stereotypes and clichés from popular culture. They deal mostly with aspects of the(anti) spectacle, simulacra and appropriation. In order to accomplish this, they investigate the ways in which narration can be taken apart and restructured to form different stories and alternative meanings. Through the appropriation of cinematographic codes and strategies in their works, they encourage the observer to reflect critically on the habits that condition our perception of reality.

From 2002 to 2009 collectif_fact included also Swann Thommen.