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Maia Gusberti, Michael Aschauer, Nik Thoenen, Sepp Deinhofer

The long-term strategy game ./Logicaland V0.1 is based on a world simulation developed in the USA in the mid-1970s. The model reflects global interdependencies between 185 countries and was fed with specific starting data from the "CIA World Fact Book 2001." One full game takes 22 hours and represents one year in the simulation. Every user can submit changes and influence the course of the game. The changeable parameters  are: "Investment Distribution," "Food Aid," and "Financial Aid."  In order to observe possible influences on the entire simulation, a player can move the time axis pointer to the future. The average values for all participant inputs in a game form the initial values of each new round.

./Logicaland V0.1 extends the simulation’s closed system, which encompassed possibilities of external participation, to an interactive on-line game focusing on economics and politics. 

It is an exploration of alternative world designs, visualization strategies and democratic participation. 

(Text: Maia Gusberti, Michael Aschauer, Nik Thoenen, Sepp Deinhofer)

Title: ./LOGICALAND V0.1
Year: 2002
Format: Software, Interaktiv, Partizipatorisch, Internet, Online, Installation, Web Game
Material / Technology: Web application with Java applet (and HTML/CSS) as front end, and a PHP/MySQL as backend. Current version: 0.11. Used – last tested software: PHP Version 4.3.6, MYSQL 3.23.39
Dimension: Variable
Acquisition: Acquired 2016. Inv. No. S0018.