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Gilles Aubry / Stéphane Montavon

Gilles Aubry (*1973), lives in Berlin, Germany, sound artist.

His work is based on research into the material, historical and cultural aspects of sound and listening. He uses field recordings, voices, music and sound archives to create live performances, installations, movies and radio pieces.

Stéphane Montavon (*1977), lives in Basel, Switzerland, poet and sound artist.

Based on interviews, sound archives, field recordings and self-staged recordings, he composes quadraphonic pieces for site-specific installations or black box, and ones that can be transposed, with the help of video artists, into a surround-sound film. Montavon's main interest is in the listener's attitude and the auditory side of everyday (crisis) situations. As an "ear witness," he takes the most diverse voices from this babel and splices them together in order to create docu-fictional sound narratives on the art of listening according to Sophocles (L'Appeau); the art of pouring a concrete slab (Dalle extérieure); the term "supremacy" according to a car tuner, a theologian and a scientist (Bolidage); the transition in the Egyptian revolution on March 9, 2011 (Trahir la place); and the term "landscape" (Wirvwar).