Future Love. Desire and Kinship in Hypernature

18.01.2018 15.04.2018
The group exhibition "Future Love" examines the impact of new technologies and social media on our affective relationships and sexuality.


Lynn Hershman Leeson: Anti-Bodies

03.05.2018 05.08.2018
This exhibition, Hershman’s first solo show in Switzerland, features several current works that take on the themes of biological progress, developments in artificial intelligence and scientific research on antibodies.


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Voice Theatre

11.06.2018 01.07.2018
In June 2018, the Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer presents an impressive site-specific and interactive installation in Augusta Raurica, the best-preserved ancient theatre north of the Alps.



30.08.2018 11.11.2018
This group exhibition investigates new media, technologies and technology-based methods in the arts, focusing on their importance for the perception and awareness of “ecological” issues.