Philipp Madörin, Allebildergenerator, 2011, installation view at HeK. Photo: Stefan Holenstein

Allebildergenerator, Philipp Madörin

For the work Allebildergenerator, the Basel artist Philipp Madörin, who originally worked in the field of medical-diagnostic imagery, developed an algorithm that can generate all the images that can be made on a b/w monitor with 480 x 360 pixels.

Aline Veillat, Sada el-Kawn, 2011, installation view at HeK. Photo: Stefan Holenstein

Sada El-Kawn, Aline Veillat

A ceiling-high papyrus plant is festooned with numerous loudspeakers and megaphones, through which a buzz of Arabic poems, revolutionary songs, muezzin calls to prayer or the twittering of birds can be heard. 

Denis Handschin / Michel Winterberg, Um die Ecke, 2012, still

Um die Ecke, Denis Handschin / Michel Winterberg

With their installation Um die Ecke (Around the Corner), the Swiss artists Denis Handschin and Michel Winterberg have created a multiperspective portrait of Basel’s Dreispitz area. Film footage of the site is projected onto an assemblage of four prism-like triangular surfaces, while its acoustic and electronic characteristics are also provided, along with information relating to Basel’s archaeological soil research.