Adam Cruces, Patience, 2011, screenshot on youtube

Patience, Adam Cruces

One of the American artist Adam Cruces’s main interests is the specific aesthetics of the digital world. In the video loop Patience, he shows the face of a computer-generated beauty. Her features remain immobile, while the hypnotic waves of a Mac-OS screensaver move up and down in her hollowed-out eyes.

Aline Zeltner, Lideslied, 2011, still

Lideslied, Aline Zeltner

Lideslied is the first video work by the Swiss artist Aline Zeltner, who initially worked mainly with objects, installations and performances. In a larger-than-life projection, shown in slow motion against the backdrop of rhythmic string sounds, a woman rides on a gleaming brown horse from the depths of a summer-green meadow towards the viewer.

Esther Hunziker, EHB 5866, 2012, installation view at HeK

EHB 5866, Esther Hunziker

EHB 5866 is the fictitious galaxy of the Basel artist Esther Hunziker, which consists of a hundredfold superimposition of a single real photograph of the Mars moon Phobus. Rather than around the red planet, the layers of the celestial body’s image rotate around themselves in changing constellations.

!Mediengruppe Bitnik, Download Finished, 2006, installation view

Download Finished, !Mediengruppe Bitnik

For their Internet project Download Finished, the Zurich-based artistic duo !Mediengruppe Bitnik (Carmen Weisskopf and Domagoj Smoljo), known for the media-reflective application of hacking strategies, use films from P2P networks and online archives.

knowbotic research, kotomisi un-inform, 2014 –2016

kotomisi un-inform, knowbotiq

Kotomisi is the name of a traditional 17th century garment that slaves wore in the former Dutch colony of Surinam, both before and after their liberation. The fabric for this multi-layered garment, consisting of skirt, jacket and headdress, was manufactured in trans-local production and distribution processes in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, representing the conditions and even the payment methods of a slave trade that was already quite globalized even then.

collectif_fact, Loading, 2007, screenshot

Loading, collectif_fact

The animated video Loading by the artist group collectif_fact shows an endlessly looped, short sequence of identical, grey delivery vans that drive two by two into an equally grey parking garage. The monotonous flow of the vans never changes. The scenery appears to be made of cardboard and the plot is obviously set-up and unnatural. 

Jodi, Max Payne Cheats Only, 2004, screenshot

Max Payne Cheats Only, Jodi

Max Payne Cheats Only concludes a series of video game appropriations by the Dutch-Belgian artist duo Jodi. The existing figure of Max Payne – the third person shooter – is dismantled and reconstituted into a meaningless juxtaposition of repetitive microtreatments, following all rules of programming art. 

Esther Hunziker, Frequency, 2008, screenshot

Frequency, Esther Hunziker

In her video Frequency, Esther Hunziker compressed the found footage of a live concert so often that the band’s motions break down into constantly changing color fields. The fitting "electrospherical" soundtrack, as the artist herself aptly names it, consists of overlapping radio frequencies.