Liminal Laws

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel)
Mu Artspace

This book coincides with the exhibition 'Liminal Laws' by Addie Wagenknecht. On view at MU Artspace from April 22 till June 19, 2016 and at HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) from September 15 till November 13. 2016. With texts by Domenico Quaranta, Claire Evans, Regine Debatty en Gabriella Coleman. Including images of the exhibition at MU and other works by Addie Wagenknecht.

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My Boyfriend Came Back From The War
online since 1996

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel)
Merz Akademie Stuttgart
Olia Lialina, Sabine Himmelsbach (Hg.)
Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel

The trailblazing Net.Art work My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (in short MBCBFTW) by Russian artist Olia Lialina is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. The numerous appropriations and remixes of that work which have emerged over the past twenty years testify to its historical relevance as an interactive narrative on the Internet and as a work of Net art.
The publication presents both the original and 13 other versions by artists such as Jodi, Gragan Espenschied, Entropy8Zuper, Ignacio Nieto and Guthrie Lonergan, and so bridges twenty years of artistic praxis on the Internet. It also contains numerous illustrations and texts by Michael Connor, Roman Leibov, Joanne McNeil and Bruce Sterling.

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Poetics and Politics of Data
Ambivalenz des Lebens in der Datengesellschaft

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel)
Sabine Himmelsbach, Claudia Mareis (Hg.)
Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel

'Poetics and Politics of Data' reflects life in a world increasingly controlled by data and presents artistic positions that aim to make continuous streams of data visible – whether using Internet-based installations or graphic data visualizations. The participating artists question the relevance and place of the individual in a technologically connected society in which every day, each of us generates a nearly incomprehensible amount of data: Our every move on the Internet leaves behind a digital trace. In critical essays, Orit Halpern, Sabine Himmelsbach, Lev Manovich, Claudia Mareis, Ramón Reichert and Roberto Simanowski explore the phenomena of ‹Big Data› and ‹Data Mining› and pose critical questions about the ambivalence of life in a «datified» world.

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digital art conservation
Preservation of Digital Art: Theory and Practice

Bernhard Serexhe (Hg.)

Are you born digital? That will be a crucial question in the future, when we are obliged to conserve the art of our era and to make it accessible to the public. The publication digital art conservation documents the results of a research project launched by the ZKM (Center for Art and Media Technology, Karslruhe, Germany) in 2010, in order to advance international discourse on the the conservation of digital art. As well as case studies, it contains articles by major media theorists, restorers, programmers and artists, such as Edmond Couchot, Alain Depocas, Johannes Gfeller, Sabine Himmelsbach, Anne Laforet, Aymeric Mansoux, Antoni Muntadas, Jussi Parikka, Bernhard Serexhe and Siegfried Zielinski.

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Sensing Place
Mediatising the Urban Landscape

Zur medialen Durchdringung des urbanen Raums
Haus für elektronische Künste Basel (Ed.)
Christoph Merian Verlag

What is the impact, when geo-information services and social online platforms fuse their data and allow us to discover by smartphone which “friends” are currently near at hand? How is our experience of the city altered when it is filtered by mobile technologies? How can sensoring and monitoring data we used in the planning of urban infrastructures?
"Sensing Place" investigates the medial permeation of urban space and inquires into the myriad effects of the increasing overlay and overlap of physical urban space and virtual information space. In addition to four theoretical papers, eleven artistic positions address how the fusion of imagination and personal perception makes itself felt. These positions draw on aesthetic means and media technologies to explore the (novel) re-configuration of public space and hence facilitate unusual perspectives on the medias’ ever more obtrusive encroachments on our environment.

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