Oslo Night: Wiki Battle

Quick game with addictive potential


Sat, 23.09.2017, 21:00

Age: From 12 years of age

Admission: free


"Wait, I'll look it up on Wikipedia." Today this is the most common way to find answers in a discussion with open questions. But what if we make a game out of this useful platform? The start and end point or article are specified. Then you surf as quickly as possible to the target article (eg Michael Jackson) from the same article (eg algorithm). The two players can only click on the linked words in the article. All is allowed to use except the backspace button. The public plays an important role: with intervening calls it may help the players, but they also lead to wrong tracks. The winner is the fastest on the target.

Open Source Game of the media artist yetzt (Berlin).

In collaboration with Science + Fiction. The Festival of Science.

Oslo Night: Wiki Battle



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