Oslo Night: Upcyling Electro Workshop

Something new is coming from old electronic waste!


23.09.2017, 16:00-23:00

Age: From age 6 upwards

Admission: free

Links: https://www.mechatronicart.ch/

Whether jewelery, skurille sculptures or lively-looking fantasy objects - we are breathing new life into supposedly worthless electrical waste.

First, we dismantle broken electrical appliances and explore their inner life. What does it look like in a mobile phone? Which component allows the vacuum cleaner to suck? How does the computer calculate? Subsequently, the disassembled parts are converted and redesigned. This creates original objects with completely new functions.

It is best to bring your own broken electronic devices!

In collaboration with SGMK (Swiss Society of Mechatronic Art).

Oslo Night: Upcyling Electro Workshop



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